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Ballpoint pen illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya

Winged is a series by Toronto-based artist Rebecca Yanovskaya, where she uses ballpoint pen, 22k Gold Leaf applique, and a bit of digital retouching on Moleskine to produce fantastical and otherworldly images of angels. The first of the series is called is Ascent of Man and the Destruction of Magic, in which we see two mermaid-like beings looking up at a crowned angel. Yanovskaya says the inspiration for this piece began from a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she saw the works of Klimt, Mucha, Herbert Draper, Bouguereau, Waterhouse, Frazetta, as well as a sculpture called Mourning Victory.

The sequel is called The Descent of Man, in which dark, hooded figures look down on a bowing angel. This piece took the artist and illustrator two weeks to finish it, and we can see why. The details and the patterns, especially on the wings and the rug, are nothing short of amazing. Will we get a follow up to these two beautiful artworks?

“I have planned three pieces in the first installment of Winged,” she tells My Modern Met. “In broad terms, the three moods I hoped to convey were a high energy (‘Ascent’), a low (‘Descent’) and a neutral, which will be the next piece titled ‘The Guardian’. I enjoyed this world and its characters so much, though, that I’d love to explore them in a second series of three.”

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Winged by Rebecca Yanovskaya