Featured Image for A mug that will set your coffee or tea at just the right temperature

A mug that will set your coffee or tea at just the right temperature

You know how Goldilocks had that problem about having porridge that’s too hot and too cold? How she wanted to have porridge that’s just right? That problem is now solved because of SCIENCE! The Temperfect Mug is a coffee and tea tumbler (sorry Goldi, I’m not sure if it can hold porridge) Kickstarter project by Dean Verhoeven and Logan Maxwell. They had the same problem like Goldilocks, they hated coffee/tea that’s too hot or too cold. So they used their mastery of science to create a mug that makes our drink “average.” Confused? Basically it keeps your coffee or tea at just the right enjoyable and non-lips-burning drinking temperature.

Here’s Dean’s more detailed and science-y explanation on their Kickstarter page: ‘I thought about this problem and had an inspiration: why not take the excess heat out of the too-hot coffee, store it in the wall of the mug, and then use it later to keep the coffee at a pleasant drinking temperature? I realized that this could be done simply by adding an extra layer of what I call active (“Temperfect”) insulation to a standard mug’.

Dean continues: ‘This extra insulation layer absorbs the excess heat from your drink, and brings it quickly to a comfortable temperature. Later, it slowly releases that heat back into your drink to keep its temperature just right’.

Though the special mug isn’t dishwasher safe or leak-proof, that didn’t stop 3,834 backers from funding this project way beyond its target pledge goal. With seven days to go before the project ends, it has already surpassed its goal of $23,500 by collecting a whopping $210,722. For a $40 pledge, you can get yourself a brushed stainless-steel mug with an orange grip. Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear not included.