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Read your dog’s mind with No More Woof

This is either a dog lover’s dream come true or a dog lover’s worst nightmare. The No More Woof is a device that claims to translate your pet’s thoughts into human language. It’s been developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, the same research lab that invented the iRock, the Fly Lamp and Nebula 12 (an indoor cloud). An Indiegogo campaign is in the works to get backers, but before you go shelling out money for this new invention, you might wanna know how it works.

No More Woof straps a ‘Raspberry Pi-powered gadget to a dog’s head to detect, analyze, and translate brainwaves into comprehensive thoughts.’ If you’ve got cash to spare and you donate $1,200 to the cause, you’ll receive a premium mini-speaker with your dog’s No More Woof, with ‘personalized engraving, customized color appearance, and algorithmic learning for a continued doggy education.’ And over time this device it meant to help you learn more about your pet and eventually ‘allow it to speak in short, pampered sentences.’

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No More Woof
No More Woof

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