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Why not adopt a skull this Christmas?

Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum is now running the SOS campaign to, well, not actually save souls, but skulls (Save Our Skulls, get it?). It’s an ingenious way to get those of us who are way too jaded to get sold on the regular adoption options and would like to do something good for a 150-something year-old skull from the museum’s permanent Hyrtl Skull collection collected in the 1800s by Viennese anatomist Joseph Hyrtl.

An annual fee of $200 will get your ‘chosen skull’ a good scrub by conserving and preserving it, which includes cleaning, repair and remounting. You can even pick and choose from an extensive catalog of 139 skulls with cryptic profiles (gypsies with unknown nationalities, child murderers, ship apprentices, robbers…) and cause-of-death descriptions like ‘suicide by potassium cyanide’, ‘child murderer’, ‘shot by police in the Abruzzi Mountains’. The initiative ends on Dec 31, 2013 — so spread some jolly cheer and save a skull, won’t you?

Via Wired