This wheel will turn your bicycle into a smart bike

The FlyKly Smart Wheel is just another smart product, with, oh, you know, a Kickstarter backing of more than $700,000! Initially introduced to the market by Niko Klansek in 2011, the smart wheel was envisioned ‘to reshape cities bottom-up to improve citizens’ quality of life by providing a more people-city-and environmentally-friendly solution to the problem of transportation.’

Simply put, the FlyKly Smart Wheel is a wheel that assists with pedaling. The motor turns on when you start pedaling at 25mph and begins to accelerate ‘to your desired speed.’ And then it stops when you stop. On a single charge the Smart Wheel can take you as far as 50 miles, too.

But that’s not all. FlyKly went one step further and created an app that monitors your current speed as well as the time and distance you’ve already traveled. After a while, this app will start suggesting ways to improve your biking experience. So smart!

Via Kickstarter