Featured Image for Kab-U-To-Work: London’s hangover taxi

Kab-U-To-Work: London’s hangover taxi

If the name Kabuto Noodles rings any bells it’s because it’s the same London noodle shop that popularized celebrity portraits made of noodles. Now, they’ve started another campaign that will get people buzzing. Introducing the Kab-U-To-Work. It’s a ‘Hangover Taxi’ that will pick-up hung-over riders from their homes then serve them a bowl of hot Kabuto noodles, breath mints, orange juice, hangover medicine, and sunglasses. Hopefully, by the time they get dropped off at work, all that pampering will have done these party goers a lot of good.

Why did Kabuto start this service? Because people with massive hangovers need forms of transportation that will help them get through their self-induced dilemma. For the holidays, the service will be free. I’ll repeat it again, Londoners: FREE. The company is still gauging if the business is viable before expanding operations, so drink up while the offer lasts!

Via Food Beast