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Creepy kids in vintage ads

Kids are cute. But they can also be creepy. And you’re about to see just how creepy in this collection of vintage ads, posted by users of the Livejournal Vintage Ads group. All in the name of a good old-fashioned competition, these vintage ad connoisseurs went above and beyond in their quest to find the most creepiest ad featuring kids.

Take a look at these advertisements and choose your favorite. There are ads for sliced bread, Florida oranges, Karo syrup, and even Burdock pills that are used to increase urine flow (because there’s nothing like a creepy kid sitting on a chamber pot to make you want to buy burdock).

Via Vintage Advertisements

Creepy Peanut pie kid
Creepy cough medicine kid
Creepy liver pill kid
Creepy pea kid