Featured Image for A tour of Mexico City’s biggest black market

A tour of Mexico City’s biggest black market

Take a tour of Mexico City’s Tepito neighborhood and you’ll find 72 blocks of Latin America’s biggest black market where 7,000 vendors sell anything from denim to porn. Here is where a ‘labyrinth of stalls’ serve as refuge and home for ‘outcasts: drug dealers, pickpockets, transvestites, thieves and sellers of contraband’. And if you want to venture out here to buy illicit drugs or even pirated DVDs, you ‘risk a mugging’.

The unofficial historian of the barrio, Hernandez, is the self-appointed guardian of the subculture, overseeing an archive of news clippings, photos and books that ‘document this tricky spot’. And if  you have $8 to spare, he also holds three-hour tours of the area once a month.

Via Al Jazeera America