Sound + Rhythm Tumblr shows video of White Lies playing live in Singapore

Thank you Burberry. You not only bought our favourite post-punk live band, White Lies, to the ears and eyes of our friends in Singapore, you also recorded the action and put it up on the compelling Sound + Rhythm Tumblr for the rest of the world to enjoy.

It was all in the name (or should that be the nose?) of their fragrance, Burberry Brit, a sexy and provocative aroma for men that takes its cues from the captivating, often outrageous musical bravado of emerging British musicians.

Burberry have created six short films following popular British bands preparing for the stage, and they are revealed in all their glory on the Sound + Rhythm Tumblr. And let’s face it: it’s a pretty decent musical lineage to explore, from the Beatles, to the Stones, the Who, the Jam … Brit pop, Brit rock – whatever you want to call it – it’s exciting and brash, and it has a knack of tossing up genuine eccentrics and mavericks.

Head over to the Sound + Rhythm Tumblr to experience more of these exciting live videos