Grizzly Bear to play Sydney’s iconic Opera House in January

Brooklyn band, Grizzly Bear (no, not this Grizzly Bear), bring their chilled vocals and haunting melodies to the iconic Sydney Opera House on Jaunary 5 in their only Falls/Southbound Australian sideshow.

More than a decade after they first plugged in, and now signed with the perennially hip Warp Records label, Grizzy Bear continue to distill their signature blend of traditional and electronic instrumentation, most recently on their album, Shields released in 2012.

This is our favourite track of theirs off that album, Gun-Shy, in which a soulful melody is contrasted against jarring scenes of self-mutilation. One second a man is collecting plant samples from field, the next someone is piercing their eye with a razor or poking their skin with a probing tool, all with the intent of observing the samples under a microscope. This is Human Biology class nightmarishly re-imagined by delirious art students.

Grizzly Bear play live at the Sydney Opera House, January 5. Get ticket information here.

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