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This Morgan Freeman portrait: photograph or painting?

Hold on to your skull caps, because you’re about to get your mind blown. That’s not a photograph you’re looking at, but a finger painting composed of 185,000 brush strokes and created from the Procreate app on an iPad Air.

UK-based visual artist Kyle Lambert spent 200 hours to create this super-realistic portrait of God Morgan Freeman. He specializes in making paintings and illustrations with extreme attention to colour, light, and form. Though he was trained in traditional oil painting, he has quickly become an advocate of the wonders of digital art.

On his site, he says: ‘One of the big reasons I decided to do this painting was to inspire other budding artists to embrace digital art. A friend of mine who is a school teacher explained to me recently that whenever he plays one of my painting videos in class, his students become noticeably more engaged and excited about creating art. The idea that more people are engaging in art because of something that I have created is amazing to me’.

Via Twisted Sifter