Featured Image for Spike Away, the ultimate subway accessory

Spike Away, the ultimate subway accessory

Rush hour commutes in the crowded subway are the worst. People are pushing and shoving each other just to get in the train, and when you manage to get in, it’s packed like a can of sardines. And it’s a good day if you’re lucky enough to not have someone’s crotch rubbing against you!

Industrial designer Siew Ming Cheng came up with a solution for this problem. At a workshop given by award-winning furniture designer Werner Aisslinger at the National University of Singapore, he created “Spike Away,” a porcupine-like vest made of a lattice of flexible spiky plastic material tied together with cable ties. They were asked to come up with a simple solution to a problem, using ordinary objects, no matter how weird the results. So, I’d like to place an order for a regular “Spike Away” and an extra spiky version for whenever I had a bad day at work.

Via Laughing Squid

spike away subway vest
spike away subway vest