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How one man caught an exploding meteor on camera

Photographer Scott Rinckenberger had been out in the American West for 5 weeks working on his fall landscapes project. For the entire duration, from dusk ‘til dawn, he’d capture thousands of images of the great outdoors; from the Olympic rainforest to the Tetons, from Yosemite to Zion. Though he’d taken plenty of great photos, he still wasn’t satisfied until he took, in his own words via PetaPixel, ‘a single transcendent image; an image that would make me want to burn my camera, a la Jimmy Hendrix’.

On his last night, he tried to capture a parting shot to end his journey. He went through the usual motions: setting up, checking if everything’s in place, shoot, rinse, repeat, and BAM! It happened. An exploding meteor at the right place, at the right time, captured by the right guy.

Via Peta Pixel