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Poisonous toad skins recycled into luxury accessories

Australians, countrymen, we must all rise up against the cane toads that are overrunning the South Sea Islands and turn them into the most fashionable accessories ever!

KOBJA, a brand that makes fashionable accessories for men and women has come up with a controversial way to help curb the rising toad population. You see, Australia – aside from having a thousand species of spiders – also has an invasive poisonous toad problem. Cane toads are disrupting the local ecosystem, even prompting the army to do some population control tactics.

The designer of these products is Monika Jarosz, who was inspired by fairy tales from her childhood and has been experimenting with toad skin at an early age. The skins are prepared in Carins and shipped to France to be tanned. From there, it takes a meticulous 14-step process to make sure the bags look good, and most importantly, will not kill anyone.

Via Tree Hugger

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