Featured Image for A tower that looks like it’s built out of waterfalls

A tower that looks like it’s built out of waterfalls

The Souk Mirage/Particles of Light commercial complex is recently unveiled concept by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto’s latest. The top secret project (they won’t tell where it will be built) is composed of stacked arches of different sizes, and a series of waterfalls to help cool the edifice. It’s inspired by the silhouette of Bedouin tents and gives will make you believe you’re staring at a hundred foot mirage.

From afar, it looks like it merges both the sea and land with its distinct facade. The complex will be used for retail, residential, and office space. It also comes with an atria, courtyards, and a plaza. Meanwhile, the Outlook Tower will have an observation deck and plaza.

Via Fast Codeign

waterfall building interior concept
waterfall tower structure
waterfall building 4
waterfall structure exterior at night

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