Featured Image for This Starship Enterprise Of The Sea will launch its exploration in 2016

This Starship Enterprise Of The Sea will launch its exploration in 2016

In 2016, the Starship Enterprise of the sea will explore the depths of the ocean where no man has gone before. The SeaOrbiter is the first ocean lab that 1) researchers can stay in for long term missions and 2) looks like a really, really cool spaceship.

Its first mission will be to explore the underwater areas surrounding Monaco. Currently, it is in the process of getting funded. The project has crowdfunded 44,000 euros out of the 325,000 euros it needs to begin construction in France in 2014. If everything goes according to plan, the $43 million ship will be finished by end of 2015.

The 190 foot behemoth ship can hold a crew of up to 22 and is mostly submerged underwater. Scientists can leave the boat from below the water’s surface and do their research without ever seeing the sunlight ever again. It also harnesses the power of nature by drifting with the currents, relying on renewable energy (sun/waves/wind) for power. Hopefully by 2016, we will be able to use this ship to finally know the exact whereabouts of Cthulhu.

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sea orbiter ship floating above water
sea orbiter ship moving underwater
sea orbiter ship moving underwater

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