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Pants made from a C17th sorcerer’s skin

Holy what in god’s name is that?! At the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft (and I thought a museum about sex toys was weird) in Holmavik, lies a pair of pants that you could say is out of fashion. The pair of pants, called the “skinnies,” was made from real human flesh in the 17th century. If that wasn’t weird enough, the skin was taken off a sorcerer. Yes, this may be Merlin’s flesh and ding dongs hanging in a museum!

Sorcerers believed that magical powers could be passed on by wearing a friend’s skin. So they struck an agreement that whoever dies first would have his skin gutted – with no holes or scratches -and become a pair of “necropants.” What a friend, right? As soon as the wearer puts on the pants, it would stick to his skin like glue and become like his very own flesh and blood.

But the ritual isn’t done yet. The fashionable flesh pants-wearing sorcerer would then have to steal a coin from a widow during Easter, Christmas, or Whitson, and put it in the scrotum, along with the magical sign “nábrókarstafur.”

Why all this fuss over an unusual pair of pants? Money, of course! They believed that the pants would make money for the wearer through supernatural means.

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flesh pants
flesh pants