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Photographer orders 400 action figures of himself; could possibly be very vain

There are thousands if not millions of photographers in the world competing with each other for clients and projects. How do you stand out from the competition then? The logical plan of action: you make 400 action figures of yourself, that’s what!

Photographer Jens Lennartsson decided he had to do something “unique” with his portfolio to stand out. So he contracted an action figure maker in China to make 400 copies of him. Within a year, boxes and boxes of mini-Jens came in the mail and soon he would be sending all 400 to prospective clients.

When asked why action figures, Jens answered, ‘Well, first of all: why the hell not!? Many photographers spend a lot of cash to design the perfect portfolio, print it and send to the people they want to work for. Just to have it disappear among hundreds of similar mailings. If you’ve ever been in touch with an art director, art buyer or owner of an ad agency, you’ll know that they have a zillion things to do and as many people to meet. Unless you make an epic impression, you’ll be forgotten. I needed more than a paper folder to stand out’.

UPDATE: If you can’t get enough of this amazing photographer, here’s a teaser from an interview we did with him. Check out the full interview here.

Where did the inspiration for the action figure portfolio come from?

One thing that I’m not short of is creativity (I do however lack self-censorship, discipline and the ability to not eat too much, but thats another story). My brain is constantly coming up with ideas, good or bad. Mostly bad. Somewhere the thought “i wonder if anyone ever made an action figure of themselves”.

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