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The Innocent Project

Last year a teenager was killed after being followed and deemed suspicious although he was only walking home with an ice tea and a bag of skittles. About six months ago there was a boy taking out the garbage who was shot and killed by a neighbor. On November 2nd, a 19 year-old woman was shot and killed attempting to get help after being in a car accident. These are a few, out of many outrageous incidents that are happening everyday. Kids being killed by gun violence.

Although this isn’t what I consider to be an art project, I had some shirts made. Black shirts with white type that simply say “innocent” on them. They are for sale for anyone who would like to buy them. Simply email innocent@oobust.com and I will sell you a shirt for 10.00 plus shipping available in small, medium, large, and xlarge. The money goes towards making more shirts. No one should have to suffer because they were simply living.