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Fashion-forward cats in tights

Remember these dogs in pantyhose? We can’t unremember these, for better or worse. Now there’s Meowfit of the Day, a Tumblr dedicated to Gucci, the ‘original cat in tights’, and which now also showcases Gucci’s other feline friends around the world whose owners have a thing for pairing them up with stuffed tights (yes, ‘legs’ included separately).

It’s a fantastic, ridiculous, visual treat, especially when you check out the blasé looks on the cats. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’ll do a catwalk in these ridiculous tights anytime soon.

Cats in tights with Jersey on
Cats in tights with a skateboard
Cats in tights made to look like they have legs
Cats in tights sitting on the couch
Cats in tights with fur coat