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Oh no! Graffiti mecca 5Pointz in Long Island City is gone

5Pointz is a warehouse in Long Island City, Queens that’s considered as the premier mecca for graffiti artists worldwide. It was a legal haven where artists could freely express their creativity, and where tourists would flock to admire the usually frowned upon art style of graffiti.

Early Tuesday morning, artists and other fans of the famous site were shocked to see the 200,000 square foot building sporting a new look. Gone were the colourful artworks, replaced by blank white walls. The repainting was ordered by the building’s owner, Jerry Wolkoff, who initially supported the concept of 5Pointz. But after a long battle with the artists who wanted to save it, Jerry won approval from the New York City Planning Commission to demolish the complex and replace it with residential towers.

He does, however, state that it was equally painful for him to whitewash the works and he plans to erect a wall in the new towers for artists to use as canvas. 5Pointz is scheduled to be torn down by the end of the year.

I think we all need a moment of silence here.

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