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Lost? These GPS shoes will guide you home

Dorothy, is that you? These handsome GPS leather shoes come fitted with LED lights to guide the walker to any destination in the world, no matter how far he is away. The left shoe comes with a ring of lights that point in the correct direction, and the right shoe has a row of lights as a progress bar to show how near or far the destination is. Dominic Wilcox created these shoes after he was commissioned by the Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire. The reference to The Wizard of Oz is inescapable: the GPS, which is embedded in the shoe heel, is activated by a click of the heel.

UPDATE: We interviewed Dominic Wilcox and asked him about how it all came about and if we’ll ever be sporting GPS shoes in the near future. Here’s a teaser from our short talk with the creative mind behind the shoes. [read the full interview here]

After being commissioned by the Global Footprint project to create shoes, why did you decide to go with Wizard of Oz-inspired GPS shoes?
I was commissioned to design a shoe, but there are already so many shoes in the world I didn’t want to add yet another variation on covering a foot nicely. I wanted to make a shoe that had some magic inside it. The most magical shoe I knew was Dorothy’s ruby red slippers that could fly her back to Kansas at the click of her heels. I decided to see if I could use modern technology to create something that took inspiration from this fantastical idea.


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