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Interview with Sydney’s Extreme Gelati DJs

As last month’s Lost At E Minor party in Sydney we were all treated to a set by Extreme Gelati DJs, aka Carla Uriarte and Todd Andrews.

The couple spend their days off from DJ-ing involved in other projects, with Carla being an artist and Todd a Vice employee and musician. We sat down with them to find out a little more.

LAEM: How did you two meet?
C: Instagram
T: Instagram

LAEM:How did Extreme Gelati start?
C: Extreme Gelati started because Todd didn’t want me to get a real job.
T: Carla needed money after moving to Sydney from Spain. She was a DJ there, so we started playing together.

LAEM: Have you both always been musical?
C: I’m not musical, but…
T: I’ve always played in bands. So, yes.

Todd, you play in another band. Do you think that influences your work with Carla?
C: Technically speaking he has a good ear. He’s my roady.
T: Carla has good taste so not really, but my experience helps with production, mixing and nerdy details.

LAEM: What’s the best track to drop that makes people loose their shit?
C: Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, haha, jokes. I like this one.
T: Dekta Dekta by Brian Jonestown Massacre is a fav of mine. Pretty gritty and bad-ass with a sick groove.

LAEM: What’s your view on turntables v CDJs v digital?
C: I like the idea of all that, but I travel a lot and carrying one hundred vinyl records with me over clothes is impractical. It’s 2013 and that means digital.
T: I like the flexibility, portability and versatility of digital.

Golden gay time by Extreme Gelati on Mixcloud

MEANGUYMIX by Extreme Gelati on Mixcloud

HARDONSPANKO by Extreme Gelati on Mixcloud