Featured Image for Interview with Sydney illustrator Carla Uriarte, one half of Extreme Gelati DJs

Interview with Sydney illustrator Carla Uriarte, one half of Extreme Gelati DJs

At last month’s Lost At E Minor party in Sydney, I got chatting with the wonderful Carla Uriarte – one half of Extreme Gelati DJs but also an illustrator, artist and blogger in her own right.

LAEM: When did you start experimenting with art?
C: I used to draw Rugrats characters and sell them at school for five dollars a pop, at age 7. I started art blogging in 2006. I started serious art blogging in 2011.

LAEM: What inspired you to start a blog?
C: It was an easy, organized way to share my art while documenting myself. I’ve been using the Internet in a personal-public way for some nine years now, so it’s natural and sort of like “duh, this is you, keep going.” Expressing my art and thoughts through the Internet is a form of release that is good as it’s a brain jog that lasts forever.

LAEM: How do you usually go about creating works?
C: I am very self-centred in the way that I like to analyze myself, and I express the frustration of this infinity through my drawings and writing. I do this at home or leave the house to draw in a cafe, park or anywhere public.

LAEM: The written component seems very stream of consciousness yet quite poetic? Do you just sit down and write or take the time to craft posts?
C: I scan my painting, upload it, stare and write. The outcome mostly feels fresh as I never know what my head is thinking. It´s funny how I sometimes write about things that I haven’t consciously thought about. It’s like swimming – you don’t think just do.

LAEM: I know you’ve moved around a bit. Does this influence your work?
C: Yes, I get restless and am very impatient, which is why I’m interested in the next adventure. This is good and bad. Moving to places while knowing no one is a good strategy for self-evolution. I suppose the things I draw express this in a subconscious way.