Featured Image for Surreal dream-induced photography by Ronen Goldman

Surreal dream-induced photography by Ronen Goldman

Ronen Goldman is a conceptual photographer and artists based from Tel Aviv. In his most recent personal project, The Surrealistic Pillow, he takes us through the everyday real events and objects and adds more than a touch of surreal quirk and imagination to create images which are truly surrealistic.

The series is a result of a six-year project to catalog fragments of Goldman’s dream life through illusion, clever camera work, and a touch of skill in post-production.

He told Lost At E Minor that in both his personal and commercial projects, he finds true pleasure of conceptual photography in ‘taking something abstract and non-concrete and transforming it into a twisted and meaningful reality of its own’.

‘In both my personal and commercial projects, that core goal remains the same. I convey stories, breathe life into concepts and externalise emotions through surreal and conceptual images’.

girl floating through air trying to grab bag
tall mountain with dark contrast sky
round balls floating in mid air on mountain top
ball of light hovers in air
tree grabs girl in park
tennis balls attack man with umbrella
ball of light hovers in area around a group of people in the dark
lots of different people wear very similar clothes
man sleeping on park bench that has hands
couple with fish bowl heads