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The Fennec Fox is the most adorable animal in the world

A wild Pokémon appeared! Oh wait, false alarm. It’s just a Fennec Fox, quite possibly the new Cutest Animal in the World title holder (I’m sorry pandas and sloths, you had your 15 minutes of fame). Photographer Cherl Kim has been taking photos of these adorable creatures at South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland Resort. According to Kim, the Fennec Fox has been the most popular – and most photogenic – animal in his Flickr photo stream.

Fennec foxes are small, nocturnal animals found in North Africa, particularly the Sahara. If you look very, very, closely, it has large ears! Didn’t notice that did you? They have those large ears to dissipate heat and keep cool. Because they’re so cute, they are considered as an exotic pet, in some parts of the world. But c’mon, adorable animals like them deserve to be free in the wild rather than be inside a stuffy Poké ball, right?

Via My Modern Met

Fennec Fox sitting on someones hands
Fennec Fox close up with black eyes
Fennec Fox looking into camera
cute white Fennec Fox
white baby Fennec Fox