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Pretty much the most useless inventions ever

Italian Giuseppe Colarusso has come up with inventions that would completely not help mankind achieve world peace. He has created useless objects such as a square rolling pin, a sink with no drain, and a ping pong paddle with a hole in the middle. These creations demonstrate the deconstruction of each objects true purpose. It’s a humorously pointless twist on everyday life.

This collection resembles Dadaism and Chindōgu, the Japanese art of inventing gadgets that cause more problems than they’re worth. According to Colarusso: ‘This is a collection that I would describe almost as like surreal still-life. My aim with these images is always to try and make people smile but think about what they are seeing at the same time’.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that those sunglasses with only one lens is a step towards better eye care for Cyclopes everywhere. Pretty darn useful, if you ask me.

Via Visual News

one lens sunglasses
square rolling pin
silverware with rope handles
multiple color spray paint
ping pong paddle with hole in it
sink with no drain
pictogram keyboard

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