Featured Image for Fruit and vegetable food sculptures by Dan Cretu

Fruit and vegetable food sculptures by Dan Cretu

When our parents told us not to play with our food, we know one person who didn’t listen. Dan Cretu, a photographer based in Romania, created different everyday objects from fruits and vegetables. From an orange and a lime, he was able to construct a camera. Using calamansi and chili peppers, he came up with a motorbike that’s definitely… a hot ride (did you get it? Yes you did).

The pieces had to be finished and photographed in less than four hours, due to its organic nature. Cretu also says that he didn’t use any digital alterations and that everything was… natural (did you get it again? Pleas say yes).

radio sculpture made from watermelon
camera sculpture made from carrots
knife sculpture made from peppers
cassette sculpture made from pepperoni
bike sculpture made from orange
motorbike sculpture made from lobster and lime