Featured Image for Iraq’s Museum of War Crimes (hardly a fun family trip)

Iraq’s Museum of War Crimes (hardly a fun family trip)

Amna Suraka is one of the main tourist attractions for Sulaymaniyah, the cultural capital of Iraq. Here is where visitors are guided through prisons and interrogation rooms that were in use during Saddam Hussein’s rule, with many students, dissidents and Kurdish nationalists being imprisoned if they attracted attention of Baathist authorities of northern Iraq.

The complex is made up of three buildings—the first was used for admin duties, the second is a bombed-out former prison, and the third is ‘dedicated to remembering the torture that once took place here’. The museum is also home to the Al-Anfal Memorial and a corridor where shards of mirror line the walls, representing the Kurds killed during Saddam’s regime.

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war sculpture
Museum walls cover in lights
Museum war sculpture tied up on rack
War Torn Museum