Arguably the first computer was a boy built 240 years ago

It may seem like a simple toy, but this is actually a product of great engineering. Swiss-born watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz, along with his son Henri-Louis, and Jean Frédéric Leschot, designed this robot in the late 1770s and called it The Writer. Side note: Writerminator 3000 would have sounded much cooler, but The Writer isn’t too bad either.

It looks like a simple doll or a statue of a boy holding a quill, but the real power of this machine lies inside. Crammed in its small body are 6,000 custom made parts that work together. Because of this, The Writer is a programmable writing machine that’s considered to be the first ever computer. Jaquet-Droz, considered as one of the greatest automata designers of his time, has “The Writer” as his masterpiece. As it should be.

Also, did anyone think of Chucky when you were watching the video?