Featured Image for Pagan Costumes: a photo series by Charles Fréger

Pagan Costumes: a photo series by Charles Fréger

I’m a bit of a fan boy for Charles Fréger. His photography is always brilliant in concept and perfectly realised. Recently, he travelled to 19 European countries over two years in an effort to unearth Europe’s ancient past and its obsession with Paganism for his book Wilder Mann. It turns out that Pagan traditions are alive and kicking across Europe, as documented in Fréger’s photos.

Pagan rituals frequently saw men dressing up as animals spirits and even fantastical monsters. More commonly, the costumes were half-man half-animal, which represents the intrinsic and often complex relationship humanity has with its environment. These same half-man creatures adorn the neolithic cave walls of southern Europe, which suggests the length of time these traditions have existed in some shape or form.

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pegan animal costume
pegan costume animal in snow
pecan christmas tree costume
pegan costume with teeth
pegan costume