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The Married Kama Sutra: Positions after tying the knot

There is Kama Sutra, and for some of us, there is Married Kama Sutra. Simon Rich and Farley Katz are the authors behind this illustrated guide to the very SFW positions most common after marriage, including a number of gems like the Dishwasher Position (‘When the man is loading the dishwasher and the woman must come over, because he is loading it wrong’) and the Interrupted Congress (‘When the man kisses the woman’s neck, and the woman tenderly strokes the man’s chest, and the child runs into the room screaming, because he heard a scary noise, or some other bullshit’). Definitely made us chuckle there.

Via Sad and Useless

woman pushes husband towards brook brothers store
man resting woman cleaning up
husband and wife doing dishes
husband and wife with child in bed
husband on laptop wife watches
husband and wife near bed

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