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The radiation mask trend in China

With China’s air pollution problem, these masks are the perfect accessory for residents who want to protect their lungs. However, there is one catch: these are not masks for air pollution. These are masks for radiation from computers.

These peculiar things are called “fang fushe mian ju.” They cover the entire face (with openings for the eyes, nostrils, and mouth) as opposed to normal face masks that only cover the nose and mouth. This is to protect the entire face from the harmful effects of a desktop computer’s harmful radiation. It’s also being marketed as a beauty product that helps skin from drying. One of these costs about $10 and comes in different styles and colours.

Sure, they look ugly and are just plain weird. But we’ll see who gets the last laugh after your face melts off because you’ve been watching too many cat videos on the computer!

Via Kotaku

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