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The biggest treehouse in the world

If back in your childhood you dreamed of building a small, quaint tree house in the backyard that could fit you and a few of your friends, dream bigger, kiddo.

Minister Horace Burgess has built himself the world’s biggest tree house, located in Crossville, Tennessee. It has 80 rooms, including a sanctuary/chapel/indoor basketball court, cause you know, Jesus loves basketball. It cost Burgess $12,000 to put this massive structure up in 14 years.

For materials, he and his volunteers used recycled materials and 258,000 nails to put it all together. The five story, 97-foot edifice is built on six oak trees as the base to support it.

According to Burgess, a vision he had way back in 1993 became the inspiration for this undertaking: “I was praying to God and he said, ‘If you build me a treehouse, I will get you all the supplies.” I’m actually hoping the good minister misheard what God really said: “If you build me a treehouse, they will come.” And with his treehouse officially being the largest church in the sky, who wouldn’t?

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tree house different levels
tree house different levels close up
tree house wood structure
tree house balcony view
tree house chapel