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Underwear that removes the smell of your fart

Whew! Who farted in here? Certainly not the wearer of this special kind of underwear. Paul O’ Leary has invented a pair of underwear that traps the odor of your farts, preventing unsuspecting victims from smelling your gas and ultimately, giving you the stink eye. Get it? Stink eye. I made a pun.

It’s called Shreddies, and it is available for men and women. It’s made up of a special fabric, called Zorflex, that uses a layer of activated carbon cloth to mask the odor. The porous nature of the carbon traps the smell and stops it completely from entering the nostrils of innocent bystanders. To reset the odor-trapping abilities of these undies, all you have to do is wash it.

Shreddies go for $30 for women and $45 for men. A final reminder though before you go out and buy: the undies only mask the odor, but it doesn’t decrease the noise of your fart. You can, however, go to a secluded area and do your deed there. Problem solved, everyone’s happy.

Via Fast Coexist

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