Jack Douglas: Illustrator, street artist, tattooist

Brandishing an arsenal of colour and mind bending subjects all smacked together with the cuteness of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon Jack Douglas appears to be onto something. Like Ren and Stimpy meets Where the Wild Things Are, he caresses form, representing animals, characterized innate objects and spews off-beat colour throughout.

Launching the image into a Technicolor ensemble that would happily sit alongside many a storybook writers narrative. His punctuation of form with the use of thick dark outline only emphasises the colour barricaded within.

Looking for something soft and cuddly? Well you wont find it here. Sure from afar you might think you saw a Teddy Bear but on closer inspection prepare to have your preconceptions shaken violently. Douglas has been tattooing for just over a year now and this video documents his progress, both as a street artist and tattooist.