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Beer and sausages diet helps man shed 14 pounds

The answer to all our problems has arrived. Evo Terra was able to lose 14 pounds last year by having a very simple diet of sausages and beer. Inspired by Oktoberfest, Terra’s daily diet is composed of two sausages and up to six beers. Though many would claim that this is an unhealthy diet to live by, Terra has consulted his doctor on the matter.

Terry Simpson, Terra’s doctor says that: ‘Most of it was body fat. His cholesterol went down by a third’. Simpson also assured everyone that if the diet ever became harmful to Terra, it would be quickly shut down.

The secret here lies not in the magical powers of beer, but in simple math. For example, if Terra burns 2100 calories and he only consumes 1500 calories on the same day, he’ll have burned more calories than he was able to consume.
Also, to shake things up a bit, Terra likes to have some variety in his diet. He switches switches from polish dogs to breakfast sausages and drinks fruit beers to imperial stouts.

Although, because of the imbalanced food-to-booze ratio, Terra isn’t fit to drive and has his son as the designated driver. But hey, booze everyday? I’m not gonna complain.

Via Food Beast

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