Star Trek teleportation illusion

In a teleportation booth in a galaxy far, far away … whoops, wrong movie. In a teleportation booth in a mall not too far away, Star Trek Into Darkness celebrated its release by showing shoppers that teleportation is real. Or not.
Members of the U.S.S. Enterprise picked seemingly random mall-goers and had them enter the teleportation booth.

Using science and slight of teleportation beam, the subjects inside the booth disappeared and later on were later on found in a different part of the mall. Cue: Audience members’ oohs and ahhs.

What the audience didn’t know was these ‘random’ audience members were actually in on the act. In fact, they had a twin who appeared in a nearby location to fool the audience of an actual teleportation. In related news, Trekkie fans are still hoping for the real thing.

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