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Scandinavian art duo create humorous installations

It´s a little funny to hear that the Scandinavian art duo Elmgreen and Dragset don’t call themselves ‘artists’. But after seeing their unconventional and even absurd work, we simply have to disagree. Even after more than a decade of collaboration, their installations and other creations are still very humorous, based on Foucault´s thesis that ‘It is the acceptance of certain behavioral patterns, within given structures, and not the structures, themselves, that restricts human action and activity’.

That approach makes them transfer space to new contexts of description, showing that a slight variation can make the whole situation silly and absurd.

room with balloons
crate with paint
doors with chain
car with feathers
double beds
pile of clothes in gallery

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Born and raised in the creative mecca Berlin, Mareike Muller worked her first professional years in advertising and design before she decided to apply for the citizenship of the world, leaving Berlin for Stockholm. Spending some years in fashionable capital of Sweden she continued her voyage via Barcelona to Buenos Aires, where she was living for almost two years, working as an artist agent spreading emerging art with her own agency The Eclectic Tomorrow. But, as stakes are high the search for the perfect place to live and work went on and brought her to vibrant Mexico City, where she´s relocating now continuing to broaden her scope, establishing her vision of spreading emerging art around the globe. When she´s not working, blogging or traveling around the world you’ll probably find her vintage clothing treasure hunting or sipping an Old Fashioned fantasizing about being a Mexican luchador’s wife and having some unicorns browsing in the backyard.