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Hearty Cheeseburger soup off the shelf? Yes, that exists

Soup sure has come a long way since its beginnings (and its beginnings can be read about right here) but even in the 21st Century soup companies are looking for ways to spice up their original recipes. And Campbell’s has outdone itself once again with their lineup of “pub inspired” soup varieties.

We’re talking all the deliciousness of a hearty pub meal, packed into a creamy and chunky soup. There’s Hearty Cheeseburger, Spicy Chicken Quesadilla and Philly-Style Cheesesteak on the menu. And somehow Campbell’s is making them all work.

The three new flavors ‘take inspiration from foods guys love to eat when they are out watching football,’ says the company. And to go along with the new flavors, Campbell’s is also doing a nice job at promoting the chunky line with a brand new “Mama’s Boy” ad campaign—right in time for the start of the NFL season and with Clay Matthews as the shining star.

Campbell’s is good at taking risks (because really? A cheeseburger flavored soup?). Just last year Campbell’s announced their line of special edition Andy Warhol-inspired soup cans that went on sale at Target. If you were lucky enough to grab these, they went for 75c each. Now you probably can’t find them in-store but look around the web and you’ll score yourself a set of four from $10 – $50!

And we can’t ignore the fact that Campbell’s is also in the works to release their very own line of K-cups next year. Seriously. Want.

Campbell’s has reinvented itself time and again by taking a look at what sells.

Food trucks sell. Come lunchtime in any American city and you see a flock of hungry workers lining up at food trucks for tried and true meals. So Campbell’s took note and released Go Soups, their first line of soups that came in a microwaveable pouch. They also threw in trendy flavors such as Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda and Moroccan Style Chicken with Chickpeas. Yum.

Neuromarketing helps sell. Marketing isn’t just about forcing an idea or a product down your throat anymore. Campbell’s took two years to research packaging and logo designs by tracking microscopic changes in skin moisture, heart rate and other biometric indicators to see how consumers react to them. No, seriously

With the results, Campbell’s ditched the old soup labels and went about redesigning the packaging with color-coded flavors, updating the chinaware, adding steam to the soup, and even going as far as removing the spoon from the label’s image because it had “little emotional response.” That’s dedication right there.

Broadening your customer base also helps Campbell’s succeed.

Ever thought about the different flavors of Campbell’s across the globe? Here are a few popular soups you might want to try on your next international getaway:

– Mexico: Chile Poblano, Squash Flower cream

– Caribbean, Central and South America: Asopao de Pollo, Asopao de Camarones

– China: Oxtail, Borsch

– Australia: Italian Style Minestrone with Red Wine, Spring Lamb & Vegetable

– Belgium: Julienne carrots with pumpkin dumplings, Tomato with meatballs and chicken