Featured Image for Photos series shows models with their mums

Photos series shows models with their mums

Former Burberry model Morwenna Lytton Cobbold is not only a pro in front of the camera but behind it too. In her exhibition, Models & Mothers, Morwenna captures candid moments of fashion models with their mothers, on medium-format film with a Mamiya RZ Pro II camera.

She explains that she wanted to document family dynamics through portraiture: ‘Coming from a world of high-production, large-scale fashion shoots, for my personal work I wanted to strip back all the artificiality and styling and make my images more about the people in them. I asked the sitters to wear their own clothes, do their own hair and make-up, and to arrive alone at their homes to create an intimate and personal portrait, a side of the sitters rarely seen’.

Via Vogue UK

model and her mom sitting on bench
male model with mom and dog
model with mom
Model with mom on couch
male model with mom hugging
Model and mom 1
male model and mom