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Stories of Immigrants and Refugees Told Through Food

Millions of people around the world have no choice but to flee their homeland to escape genocide, torture, persecution and war. In Australia, public debate about asylum seekers and refugees right has been distorted by myths and misunderstandings. It’s a global issue that must be discussed openly, and a topic that every Australian should know about.

An upcoming book called Recipes & Refuge: Stories of immigrants and refugees told through food, by Chris Nguyen and a menu of other voices, uncovers the untold stories, and recipes, of people from around the world who have made Australia their home. As Chris stated, these are stories of our everyday. About everyday people. Not everyday ‘boat people’, not everyday ‘asylum seekers’, not even everyday ‘immigrants’ – just everyday ‘people’.

The book will feature stories and recipes from a wide variety of cultures such as Vietnam, Poland, Cambodia, Bosnia, Iraq, and Ethiopia. Ultimately, it will help readers understand why many people make such treacherous boat journeys to Australia. It’s an inspiring book that will feed your mind, body and soul.

Published by The Rag and Bone Man Press.

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