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Pop culture scenes of Playmobil People

Who says that Playmobil People are only for kids? If you had a not-so cool childhood and don’t know what Playmobil People are, they are human toy figures that are 3 inches tall and come with a wide range of accessories: buildings, vehicles, and animals. They usually come in themed sets but also have special individual figures.

Richard Unglik, a Paris-based artist has recreated iconic images and scenes from pop culture and history using this beloved toy line. He has re-enacted in great detail scenes and characters such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, The Phantom of the Opera, James Bond, Indiana Jones, President Barack Obama, The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover, and Moby Dick.

playmobil figure and locness monster
playmobil figures in city streets
playmobil figures and last supper
playmobil beatles cover
playmobil barack obama
playmobil James Bond
playmobil Queen Elizabeth

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