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Haiku A Day: book by Erik Kraft

Back in 2011, I undertook two ‘a-day’ type projects. Each day I drew a picture, and each day I wrote a haiku. I then posted them to my Tumblr so if I stopped doing it, I would be embarrassed publicly (assuming anyone was reading). This year-long moment in time got a write up on Lost At E Minor while I was in the thick of it. Now, years later, I have finally gotten around to collecting the haikus in a book.

It’s not like I had them all just sitting in a file on my computer or anything. If you are so inclined, you can purchase them through Lulu, or, if you want an autographed copy, you can get one through my own shop. Guaranteed* to add value.

“A lot of these are effing incredible” – my friend Nicolle. She really said “effing.”

(*not an actual guarantee)

My favorite joke ends

“Holy shit, a talking dog!”

Forgot the setup

The last Thylacine

Paces the cage, neurotic

But only on film

Homeless guy tells me

“They took the skin off my feet”

Not sure who “they” are

Centralia, PA

Underground coal fires burn

Powering nothing

Alton Brown’s tangent

His bowel theories now told


Stop, Kardashians

No really, Kardashians

Kardashians, stop

Spider attacks wasp

Wasp flees with spider on back

I paint the front door

About the author

Erik P. Kraft is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. He draws the comics Chicken, You’re The Greatest! (which is not actually about chickens) and Cats In The Alley, and writes the blog/narrates the podcast Too Many Chickens! (which actually is about chickens).