Featured Image for ISSON’s 2013/2014 sunglasses collection

ISSON’s 2013/2014 sunglasses collection

Australia’s avant-garde eyewear specialist, ISSON, has released their 2013/2014 collection. ISSON says the range mixes function and form, kookiness and sophistication, and experimentation and restraint. No surprises there given Catherine Federici likes to design the ISSON collections in an old-world reading room at Sydney’s State Library while listening to old-school techno!

I’ve been wearing the Australian designed ISSON for about six years now. As glasses, they stand apart when it comes to quality and distinctive styling. Using hand-made and assembled Italian acetates, these glasses last the distance.

ISSON designer Catherine Federici told Lost At E Minor:

‘Design inspiration is an elusive thing when I challenge myself to create the unexpected and present experimental (yet wearable) ideas.

‘What has astounded me is the positive reaction to some of (what I consider) my most unsaleable ideas – but I make them anyway, more so to keep true to the little voice that started it all in 2002.

‘Since celebrating our 10th anniversary, we have moved to a much larger premises, employed more people and are focused on evolving our brand’s reach in styling and range, opening up new markets and travelling to more international trade events.

‘A highlight for me this year was custom making sunglasses for John Galliano. Nothing so far has validated me as a designer more so than this’.

ISSON design
ISSON - Lady Hoofing-Blood on a Slide
ISSON - Lord J- Blue Brown Split
ISSON - Miss O'Hawney - Rose
ISSON - We've Got Some Ideas - Jade