Featured Image for Banksy announces a month long takeover of the walls of New York

Banksy announces a month long takeover of the walls of New York

That mysterious dark lord of the street art world, Banksy, has struck again, in his typically cryptic, enigmatic way. He’s been expertly fueling the flames of innuendo via his website of late, posting new work in LA and New York and alluding to a possible uninvited (but much appreciated) takeover of the walls of Manhattan with the accompanying statement: ‘Better Out Than In. An artists residency on the streets of New York.’ Ah huh.

His latest New York work is in bustling Chinatown and is the first strike in his self-proclaimed declaration that’For the next month Banksy will be attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York.’

Our friends at The Verge have unearthed another intriguing element to this Bansky development: each artwork will come with a ‘satirical museum-style audio guide’. Yes, you read right. Banksy is supplying an audio guide.

As The Verge note: ‘Banksy is also accompanying each painting with a museum-style audio guide. Naturally, there won’t be a counter to check out audio players from, so instead each painting will have a phone number stenciled beside it, allowing anyone to call in and hear about the piece.

‘The audio guide will be far from educational though — the first one is instead a humorous sendup of the type of language you might hear from a museum, supplementing the painting with useless details like, “You’re looking at a type of picture called ‘graffiti,’ from the Latin ‘graffito,’ which means ‘graffiti’ with an ‘O.'” You can listen to the first recording on his website or by calling 1-800-656-4271 and dialing 1# when prompted.’ [via The Verge]

Yes, we agree: his is one Bansky extravaganza NOT to be missed.

Via LA Times