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Oreo peanut butter is real, very real

You know what would be better than Oreos? Oreo Peanut Butter that you could spread on your Oreos. Dorothy of Crazy For Crust has created that pot of gold at the end of every foodie rainbow. She created this recipe so she can fit more protein into her diet. Yes, we too would like more protein in our diets, if you could count dessert as a protein.

To make Oreo Peanut Butter at home, you only need three things: a food processor, peanuts, and Oreos (duh.) It’s that easy. After that, put it on everything you can think of: on your Oreo cookies, on your salad, on your soup. Maybe even on your Nutella sandwich? Oh lord, dessert explosion in 3..2..1..

Via Crazy for Crust

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