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Cakes that look nothing like cakes

Do not get fooled by English baker Louise Caola. Her master plan is to present you with savory and drool-worthy dishes like burrito, roast beef, or even steak. Then right as you pounce, you find out you’ve been tricked.

It’s not actually burrito, or roast beef, or steak, but it is cake. But because it’s cake, you still dig in. You now just had your main course and dessert all at once. Mind blown.

This is the business of Louise Caola’s newly-established novelty cake brand, Poppy & Lulu.

Before starting her cake brand, she only started making these novelty cakes as a hobby. But her cakes made waves throughout social media; and soon orders came rushing in, prompting her to quit her job and set up shop. For now, she only delivers around London, but hopes to expand nationwide in the near future.

Via Oddity Central

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