Tommy Lee Jones helps sell Canned Coffee in Japan

When Tommy Lee Jones isn’t playing some poker-faced colonel or fighting off aliens to save the world, he’s helping the world of canned coffee stay afloat in Japan. From vending machines to billboards and of course, the hilarious and clever TV commercials, Mr. Jones is a canned coffee hero in the Land of the Rising Sun. And if there’s anyone who can pull off staying cool in a quirky ad campaign, it’s TL Jones.

I Love Coffee has a quick rundown of Jones’ canned coffee fame—he’s been in the commercials since 2006 as an alien investigator who came from another planet to study the life of Japanese people. Each commercial is like an episode and Jones learns a new thing about Japanese people and their culture in each one. How can you not love Tommy Lee Jones after seeing him in these commercials?

Via I love Coffee. JP