Featured Image for Ever tried a charcoal donut before?

Ever tried a charcoal donut before?

Move over Cronut, there’s a new donut in town. Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand has released 27 special doughnuts that will be the new black (pun intended). The world has seen and tasted the black hamburger, the black ice cream, and the black curry, but feast your eyes on Dunkin’ Donuts’ black dooughnuts.

Made from an edible charcoal composed of bamboo and baked bark imported from Europe, some of their flavors are: Charcoal Banoffee, Charcoal French Praline, Charcoal Blue Mint, Charcoal Jalapeno, Charcoal BBQ Ring, and many more. You can get a taste of this ebony dessert for 27 baht ($0.85).

coffee and donut
donut with icing